Wednesday, December 22, 2010

T-One workshop

I always wanted to take some photos of Ah Yan workshop but just didn't have right time and factor to do it until now. Today i had to fetch a colleague of mine to fix his car and since i am into photography lately, i took these 2 shots.


Ah Yan is quite well built and started off the business after learning the trade at a very early age. He is a believer in Jesus and tries hard to make a decent living thru his workshop and competitive pricing of fixes. His workshop is situated in Ampang, near the new industrial area and just 2 minutes drive from Pandan Indah.


Ah Yan mentioned that all his workers are foreigners, this is because its hard to hire any locals who are interested in this trade anymore. This means within the next 5 years, we shall see foreigners dominating this labor intensive job.

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