Saturday, January 8, 2011

GXR vs DP2 shots : Set 1 Indoor at night, Set 2 Outdoor 2 pm.

A member of Flickr asked if i could produce some comparison shots between GXR and DP2, so this would be my attempt. I own both GXR and the DP2 but i don't normally do these comparison so its just going to be my first attempt at it.

Here are the ground rules and understanding :-
1. It would just be aperture priority and leaving everything else to the camera's auto mode
2. It would be mounted on either a tripod or gorilla pod or some fix surfaces.
3. All shots will be done via a 2 sec timer to prevent shaking due to button clicking.
4. DNG and X3F original files are provided so you can compare it yourself.
Provided at the end of each set of comparison.
5. Original sized JPEG is downloadable from my flickr set (click on the image).
6. Very minor tweak on WB for both jpegs with highest export settings.
7. More updates will be issued to this page when i get the chance to compare more.

Here are the shots arranged by :

top: GXR
bottom: DP2.

SET 1 :  Indoor at Night. Bulb lighting.

GXR 2.5f-max Aperture Priority

DP2 2.8f-max Aperture Priority

GXR 5.6f Aperture Priority

DP2 5.6f Aperture Priority

Original DNG/X3F files for above comparison : (46MB)

Updated : 9th-January-2011!

Now for the outdoor shot comparison. I have cropped the DP2 so that it looks like the Ricoh 50mm shot due to the lens differences (the orignal DNG/X3F remains untouch and available for download at the end of each comparison). I left the ISO to auto and everything else auto except both are now using SPOT AF and auto WB. I exported both using LR.
Generally GXR have darker shadows if unprocessed so i would advice serious comparison be done by downloading the provided X3F/DNG instead of the jpgs below.

top: GXR
bottom: DP2.

SET 2 :  Outdoor 2 PM, all Aperture f5.6f, ISO auto

GXR 5.6f Aperture Priority

DP2 5.6f Aperture Priority

Original DNG/X3F files for above comparison : (26MB)


  1. Hi Marcus,

    thanks for your test images. Based on your current experience, which camera of these two would you buy now?


  2. Chary,
    If you want a multipurpose camera with high quality images, the GXR can't go wrong but the price is steep, u need to buy the GXR + 28mm A12 then add in the 50mm A12 or the other way around. Swapping lenses is a joy and its speedy and the even with those 2 lenses u can get away with a small sling bag.

    However, if you already have such a camera (multipurpose) and you want really sharp and high quality images without dslr bodysize and if you dont mind setting up mini-tripod/gorilla pod for low light/night shots then DP2 would surprise u.

    I have both but recently i just use Dp2 and went to the extent of buying an external flash to help counter its low-light issues. The low-light "level" that i mention would be nearly ANY situation at night/indoor, that might quirk u enuf to stay away from it...

  3. Here, My Dp1 and Dp2. Dp2 with a smaller Manfrotto Leds Flash as lowlight focus help.