Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nokia EDOF

Nokia released N8 which is the “king” of mobile phone cameras. Although for practical use it does not perform as good as a normal compact despite having a larger sensor, it is still the King of mobile camera.
Now for some reason, in Nokia’s new line-up E7, C7, instead of using the N8 camera, nokia came out with a new one of which is known as “EDOF” or “full focus” camera. The idea is that it takes sharp pictures where everything is in focus from 50cm to infinity. Some argue that this is similar to those old crappy fix lens camera with small apertures.

From my experience, 50cm is kinda low, i still can't get clear images but 100 cm is more like it. Also do note that the next generation of EDOF is already available in DXO that could shoot 10cm - infinity with twice the performance of this one, but no news on Nokia yet as to when they might use this new generation of edof sensors.

Now back to the existing Edof as in C7,E7,C6...
Is there more to it than just marketing gimmick? See the samples below, u tell me!
Taken on Nokia C7-00 EDOF.

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