Thursday, June 9, 2011

GXR The 28 mm

Well folks, recently i just came back from Phuket @ Panwa near Makham Bay. Guess which camera
i bring this time around?

Frankly, i have not been using the DP2 ever since i got the SD15, this is because the SD15 with OS lens could take far more indoor shots than possible with DP2 without a gorilla pod.

However for this round, i decided to bring the GXR :-) upon returning back to Malaysia, i have decided that the GXR is indeed a system WORTH investing in. I did make one mistake though, i tried using the "Toy cam" on the new UI on the GXR, while it looked great on the LCD, it sucks terribly when viewed on larger screen, the "purple" outline is everywhere.

I also tried both 16:9 format and 1:1. This was the reason i bought the 28 mm after some consideration when i returned back from Thailand, the 16:9 lacks DSLR quality when applied, the 1:1 however rocks!
Hence for wider angle, i need the 28 mm.

The P10 performed very well too! There was this tornado/cyclone that was visible from the ship we were on near Pipi Island and needless to say, that kindla freaked out some folks on board. The p10 managed to zoom in to capture some shots which the 50mm nor the 28 mm could.

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