Monday, January 24, 2011

Pre-Wedding Using DP2

I did a pre-wedding using the DP2 since i am very confident of the camera.
However this event is where i realize and experience the limitation of the Foveon sensor in the DP2.

The images taken were superb...when it does gets the focus. The issue is that the focus on the Dp2 is just too slow/weak for these type of shootings. For e.g if you were to shoot an object where the sun is facing you, it will be impossible to focus, both manually and auto.

I notice that i lost a lot of good images due to this single factor. I am very much reluctant to use any other type of camera except one with Foveon since i have grown to like its sharpness but i also don't want to buy the SD15 since the sensor is exactly the same as the DP2, albeit the focusing should improve a lot.

While waiting for the Sigma SD1 my only option is to use the GXR which i have and its excellent but even so, it doesn't have the LENS that i need for these type of shooting, in fact i have grown to love shooting people and i have narrow down my fav lens to 35mm (similar to dp2).

The GXR however is 50mm and 28mm of which there isn't a APSC 35mm yet. So that leaves me no choice except to go out and get a DSLR.

For the next few months until SD1 comes out, i will be using and mastering the Sony A55 SLT instead since i have now acquire it along with a 35 mm 1.8 lens and will be using it as my primary general people photography.

For those who wants to see how the Dp2 did in the shoot out, here are some images :

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