Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Resolution and sharpness

DSC00551, originally uploaded by Marcus++.

After using the DP2 to the max in the past months my eyes are now pampered with seeing only sharpness. Hence when i view the GXR and other cameras at 100% i often find myself leaning in preference towards the Foveon.

Now that i need to master this Sony SLT &55, i have to use a trick to get the nearly same result as the Sigma cameras in terms of sharpness. One of the way i found out..which is obvious to some, is to SHRINK the size when exporting the JPGs.

Yeah i have grown kinda of used to shooting RAW only (again thanks to my great teacher, Sigma DP2) so i've been shooting only raw on both the GXR and the Sony SLT.

Here is one image i took with the SLT using the SMILE detection feature which is quite hilarious when u use it. I exported it as 8 mp.
This also shows that the claim by Sigma that a 4.7 mp Foveon is equal to a 8-10 mp bayer is TRUE to some extent and in fact in some images the foveon clearly goes much better.

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