Thursday, January 6, 2011

S95 is just another compact, Ipad is fun

inow-1592, originally uploaded by Marcus++.

My colleague here really loves his S95. But what puzzles him is that despite the camera having a fast lens f2.0 and reputable sensitive sensors, he could not generate the depth of field that is so commonly generated by dlsrs and hybrids (4/3, ricoh, nex 5, dpx).

This shot is taken by the DP2, by leveraging it on the table u see on the left, due to the low lighting and i decide not to use the mecablitz flash for this candid shot. The Ricoh GXR however could have easily taken the shot given the average-low lighting. This weekend i am going to post more comparison between the GXR and DP2...outdoor! (the GXR is very good but outdoor is where the foveon shines...)

Here are other interesting shots i did with the DP2 with the mecablitz 20 c2 flash and some bouncing of the flash in different setup. Another colleague of mine here just got his Ipad and is having a joyful time with it.




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