Sunday, December 26, 2010


SDIM0839, originally uploaded by Marcus++.

The foveon (as observed in my DP2) performs very well in outdoor where light is abundant. Although that is applicable to all cameras but
there is a unique and realistic quality that the Foveon produces in broad daylight that other cameras will find it pretty hard to trump.

Its like Superman exposed to the Sun vs Superman in normal light.
In indoor and lowlight, the Foveon is practically unusable without a tripod.

Perhaps all the expectation and physical performance of bayer sensors have dominated us so much so that we tend to enforce its characteristics and performance to something that is totally different in design.

However, whatever it is, Sigma is taking much too long to leverage on the Foveon advantage in low light (or is it really none?) by working with its unique characteristics.

It would be funny if one were to say that Sigma cameras are used for color in outdoors and b&W for indoors and night shots.

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