Sunday, February 27, 2011


I finally got my SD15 that i ordered from USA, along with the 17-50mm OS Sigma lens.
After using the DP2 for sometime i know that "shakes" is the main obstacle on using Sigma cams so lens with OS is a must.

The package took 6 days to reach Malaysia and it travelled all the way from USA->Germany->India->China before reaching MY. At first i was concerned on the fragility of the package but those guys in B&H did a very good job in packaging it with airpockets surrounding the items.

Readers can be assured you will get so see more of the Sigma photos from now on!

Here is an interesting transport vehicle that travels between "Traders Hotel" and KLCC in Malaysia. Its an excellent idea for those who plan to do their shopping in KLCC and dread the idea of walking back to Traders hotel.


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