Tuesday, March 29, 2011

GXR update 1.33 Firmware

Wow, the X100 sure is hot nowadays. My friend sold off his D90 and bought one. Just the other day he was showing me how good it was in  Subang Empire. We passed by Boeing Photo and saw 2 units there and was surprised it was selling at below retail price.
I posted this news on Dpreview and guess what...next day both unit was sold off.

Now surely Ricoh didn't just sit quietly while all the news focuses on the 4/3rds and X100 right? They added some fun stuff to the firmware for creative shooting and the update was released on 28th March.
Btw, the sensor in X100 is the same in GXR 50/28 mm A12, so its not a wonder that they all produce nice sharp output. Although it can never be as sharp as a Sigma/Foveon but they also have much less limitation in using it, esp in high iso.

So how did the new firmware perform? Check out some of the images taken with some of those new modes (mini, toy).

Toy mode - as seen on iphone/android fun cameras

Mini mode - taken thru a tinted glass (hence the dark colors)

Mini mode - taken thru a tinted glass (hence the dark colors)

Normal standard mode

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