Friday, September 16, 2011

There are times when you need to jump to the next level

As in all things in life, once a while u wake up and decides that you need to do something very different. Do something u really like.

So what is it that i like in photography.

Answer : Street photography.

What camera is good for street photography, my GXR.

What camera is the ultimate for street photography?

Hmm.. a fullframe camera with a fast 50 mm lens? (update : there are other basic requirements and after those are considered, it comes to this)

Ok. That is exactly what i am talking about. I am gonna break my bank (so to speak) and get a camera that if fullframe and a fast 50mm lens.

This site will then be wholly re-dedicated to that objective in mind.

No more Nokia edof, DP2, GXR. Just street photography and hopefully images that will inspire many and transfer meaning that i see in daily life.

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