Friday, October 14, 2011

Review sites can they be trusted?

After looking over and over at some review sites i began to ponder if some of those reviews could really be trusted.

Seems like almost ANY new gears that is reviewed is contains subtle and not so subtle "buy" signals.
This can't be helped i guess, some of them makes money from those links, so if you are not buying, they are not making $$$.

The other question is, do they make $$$ out of commission or percentage of  the sales? Cause if they do based it on percentage, they might as well focus on promoting M9 and all those Summicron and luxes because it will yield the highest commission. I can see some sites does, but on the other hand, the problem of Leica keeping up with their stocks of availability of those lenses means that other gears needs to be promoted to keep the cash coming.

I am grateful for review sites, cause i don't think its all 100% about the $$$, i can see some does have some heart in it.


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