Saturday, October 15, 2011

Naturally pretty and natural light

I visited Futuromic event today at Sunway. Many models posted there but i am pretty much reluctant to take any pictures unless i can get them to pose something non standard. I think i have enough of model images posting sideways inside shopping complex, holding files, lens etc.

My new policy is, shoot everything using natural light. If the person looks good in natural light, she will look good in the real world and i ain't sure going to shoot just anyone that is leggy and model like.

I did notice this staff manning the booth, she doesn't have much make-up and and looks radiant despite being just illuminated by indoor light.

Somehow i still fail to capture the image that i wanted. But here are some glimpse of her.
Readers might not agree with my description but i am very sure that given a photo session of her, i should be able to get the correct shot and a picture can tell a thousand words.


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