Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wish granted!

Last week, read this, i met this lady that i believe would do very well in a photo session that does not require make-up nor flash.

I must say when i trumpeted around the idea of having a theme whereby no flash nor make-up is allowed, it didn't really go well with some folks. Partly some felt that i was just playing odd ball and some models felt sensitive about the theme. I sure wasn't running a psychology filter on anyone who thinks they won't look good without one.

However, for me, its just something that i felt i wanted to do. If someone looks beautiful without make-up and in natural light session, i bet that person fares very well in the real world. The photos will never end up in any high fashion magazines or even a glance for those used to perfect lighting and plastic skins, but hey, i gotto believe in what i like rite?

Well, as the story goes, i managed to locate her and ironically, she is actually someone i already seen before, a year back in some similar event.

It did cross my mind that maybe its the familiar faces playing tricks on my mind? So a photo session was arranged and i knew i had to either deliver the photos and capture what i claimed i saw or be a laughing stock of some photographers.

How did it fared? see for yerself :






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